A representative from Davis & Shirtliff (T) LTD, Eng. Erick Koko on (the right), receiving the guest of honor, Assistant Regional Administrative Secretary from Dodoma, Athumani Mathayo (at left) accompanied by the former ATAWAS CHAIRMAN Eng. Jackson Mutazamba (at the middle) to the exhibition booth during AWAC 2016 at St. Gaspar Hotel & Conference Centre in Dodoma.
  • The participants of the fourth Annual Water Conference (AWAC) 2016 which took place from 8th -10th November 2016 at St. Gaspar Hotel & Conference Centre in Dodoma poses for a group photo together with ATAWAS secretariat
    The Director of Shinyanga Water Supply and Sanitation Authority(Shuwasa), Eng. elaborating some points during one of AWAC 2016 session which he chaired

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                        Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) for Water Utility operations

Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) are a collection of various internal documents that have been compiled by an expert committee of utility professionals. They provide guidance to utility staff by showing how activities are supposed to be carried out and ensure compliance with WSSA objectives.

They make sure that daily activities are undertaken through predefined steps and using official documents to ensure the expected results and quality of work. They address the following organizational aspects:

  • Cooperation between staff and different departments
  • Authorization of activities (possibly from various departments)
  • Missing information (from the field, customer, stock, etc.)
  • Transparency (e.g. misunderstandings) and accountability
  • Improving performance through indicators (measuring results)






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