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Construction of Dams to help eliminate the water challenge in Dodoma

The National Water Board has visited the construction projects of Mtamba Dam in Mpwapwa District and Manda Dam in Chamwino District in Dodoma Region which together are expected to cost 1.3 billion shillings. These dams are being built by the Rufiji Valley Water Board and are expected to be used in human activities including irrigation agriculture, livestock and normal human use.

Video of the event Click HERE

Speaking during the visit, the Chairman of the Board, Engineer Mbogo Futakamba, said that climate change has affected various parts of the country, so the decision to build rainwater harvesting infrastructure will help the people to be sure of food security, environment, energy and health. He has praised the government and asked it to ensure that the dams are completed within time. In addition, make sure they mark the boundaries to prevent human activities that may affect the sustainability of the dams.

Initially presenting information on the construction of the dams, Engineer Geofrey Semkonda of the Rufiji Basin Water Board said that both dams are expected to be completed by the end of the 10th month and will solve the challenge of water service for the people and livestock around those areas. He has said that its construction has considered the needs of the people now and in the future in the areas surrounding the dams.

On her part, the Assistant Director dealing with Conservation and Maintenance of Water Sources at the Ministry of Water, Rosemary Rwebugisa has said that the dams being built are part of the Ministry’s strategy to ensure that rain resources are used as a source of water to serve areas that do not have other sources of water, the aim is to ensure that every Tanzanians have access to clean, safe and adequate services.