ATAWAS Annual Water Conference (AWAC)

The Annual Water Conference (AWAC) serves as a public platform to exchange ideas and experiences about water supply and sanitation services in Tanzania. It brings together ATAWAS members, Water supply and sanitation Authorities (WSSAs) and other sector actors and stakeholders.

Since 2013, conference participants work on tackling the challenges through presentations and discussion rounds to creating sparks for innovation, cooperation and better service provision to the public.

Today, AWAC has become an important sector gathering for WSSAs & COWSOs, government and education institutions, providers of products and services, NGOs, CSOs, and all other stakeholders that play a role in the sector.

Become a sponsor, exhibitor or delegate at the next Annual Water conference and take the opportunity to:

  • Extend your network with other organizations, institutions and individuals from the water and sanitation sector
  • Learn from other’s projects and about the latest developments, innovations and technologies
  • Present a paper about your project or sector issues in the thematic sessions to the audience
  • Exhibit your products and services, to a selected audience of water and sanitation professionals
  • Widen your market presence and customer awareness by sponsoring AWAC and profit from premium presentation slots and advertising spaces

AWAC is a national opportunity for participants from all parts of Tanzania to meet once a year and learn from and with each other. The personal relationships and professional exchange build bridges to bring us to more cooperation, new approaches to projects and better performance of the water sector.

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