Resource Mobilisation

Access to funding of large as well as small projects is essential for any service provider to invest in an organization and improve performance.

As a matter of fact, a large number or Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities are not able to attain funding, even for commercially highly attractive investments that have very short payback times.

ATAWAS is offering members support to develop documents and capacities that are required to gain access to loans from different institutions. This includes:

  • IFF- Investment financing facility
  • Investment loan application proposal document
  • TIB
  • Commercial banks
  • Human Development Innovations Fund (HDIF)

Strategically, ATAWAS is supporting members through its capacity development program’s financial management modules: B-1 Budgeting, B-2 Financial Planning and Projections, B3- Business planning and B-4 Investment loan application proposal document.

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