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Maji Cup League 2022: Central Zone (BAWASA, DUWASA & AUWSA) in BABATI TOWN, MANYARA, TANZANIA.

Maji Cup League(MCL) is a world class, annual football tournament that uses football as a catalyst to encourage the public (People) to change their lives and to change the attitudes and perception towards water related issues hence creating better solutions.

This years’ campaign slogan is “The Value of Water for Life and Development”

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This is a short documentary about Maji Cup League 2022 Central Zone 1 Tournament, which took place (9th to 10th July 2022) at Kwaraa Stadium in Babati Town, Manyara Region, Tanzania.

Football Teams from Babati WSSA (BAWASA) competed against Dodoma WSSA (DUWASA) and Arusha WSSA (AUWSA) Teams. They also competed against other football team called BAISAKA STARS FC, which is a community team from Babati Town.

Apart from football games, there were also Netball competitions where Netball teams from Dodoma WSSA (DUWASA) competed against Babati Queens, while Arusha WSSA Netball Team competed against Babati Veterani netball team.

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“The Value of Water for Life and Development”


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