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MAJI CUP LEAGUE 2022: Tanga Uwasa came out on top in the zonal preliminary matches.

Maji Cup League 2022 unite teams from Water Utilities and community teams in Tanzania to take once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent their zones in a unique soccer tournament.

The preliminary matches are still prevailing whereby the Northern Zone 3 Tournaments were inaugurated by the excellence Mayor of Tanga City Hon. Abdulrahman Shilooh, on 23rd day of July 2022 at Kombezi Primary School pitch in Tanga City. 

The zonal championship involved football and netball sports.

The teams that participated in the football games were teams from the Tanga Water Authority (Tanga-Uwasa) and Korogwe HTM & Korogwe Water Authority team, Chuma Chakavu Veterans team and Mandingo Veterans.

In the netball championship, the participating teams were Tanga-Uwasa, Masai Tours Academy, TPPL1 and TPPL2.

On the first day of the opening, Tanga Uwasa team emerged victorious by defeating the Korogwe team with a five-goal victory while the Korogwe team did not score a single goal. Another game was between Mandingo Veterans and Chuma Shakavu Veterans where Chuma Shakavu emerged victorious by beating their competitors two goals to none.

For netball, in the opening day involved a game between Tanga Uwasa and TPPL1 where Tanga Uwasa emerged victorious with 32 – 2 goals, and another match was between TPPL2 and Masai Tours Academy where TPPL2 emerged victorious with 15 – 2 goals.

The tournament continued on the second day, on July 24, 2022, where in terms of the football game, the first match was between Mandingo Veterans and Korogwe, where Mandingo won by three goals to none.

The second match was between Tanga Uwasa and Chuma Chakavu Veterans where Tanga Uwasa emerged victorious with one goal to zero.

On the netball side, the match was between Tanga Uwasa and TPPL1 where Tanga Uwasa emerged victorious with 40 – 11 goals.

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