Association of Tanzanian Water Suppliers

Maji Cup League 2022: ZAWA FC VS DAWASA

A major historic event took place today on the island of Zanzibar as a continuation of the Water Cup Championship for the Year 2022 where early in the morning there was a procession from ZAWA Headquarters to Mau Dze Tung Stadiums march led by Unguja Urban District Commissioner Hon. Rashid Simai Msaraka accompanied by various leaders from ZAWA, TFF, ATAWAS as well as other Sports Stakeholders from Zanzibar Islands.

After arriving at the stadiums, a match was played between the team from the Dar es Salaam Water and Sanitation Authority (DAWASA) against their hosts. The team from the Zanzibar Water Authority ZAWA.


“The Value of Water for Life and Development”

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