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Minister Aweso Urges Tanzanians to Appreciate Water Resources

The Minister of Water, Hon. Jumaa Aweso (MP) has called on Tanzanians to recognize the importance of water resources and to take care of them and value them for the development of the nation and the individual.

Minister Aweso made the remarks while inaugurating the 5th National Cross-Sector Stakeholders Forum on Water Resources Management at the Central Bank of Tanzania Conference Hall, in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking at the conference, Aweso said that the value of water resources in our country’s economy is huge for all sectors including agriculture, fisheries, livestock, energy, construction, transportation. Thus, recognizing the value of water will also help to change stakeholder attitudes and set joint strategies for the management and development of water resources.

Minister Aweso said the platform is crucial in ensuring the sustainable management of water resources for the development of current and future generations. He suggested that the platform be used for reflection, learning from other countries and conducting a comprehensive assessment of the country’s water value.

In addition, Minister Aweso has launched the Global Water Management Program aimed at mobilizing political leaders to promote water resources conservation and the Strategic Plan for a Cross-cutting National Water Stakeholders Forum that outlines the structure and operation of the platform, specific working groups and access to funding for platform operations.

He emphasized that the strategic plan was developed by the Ministry of Water in partnership with the 2030 WRG Institute with various stakeholders, stressing that the plan should be considered in the running of the platform.

Minister Aweso thanked the institutions of 2030 Water Resources Group and Global Water Partnership (GWP) Tanzania, the Canadian Embassy in Tanzania and other partners who have continued to contribute to the situation and assets in achieving the existence of this platform.

Earlier speaking at the conference, the Canadian Ambassador to Tanzania, Hon. Pamella O’Donell said that water is the foundation of development and a major catalyst for Tanzania’s success and the importance of conserving and managing water resources and access to safe and clean water for the benefit of Tanzanians.

Thus, he hopes to strengthen cooperation between the private sector of Tanzania and Canada in investment, technology and capacity building in the Water Sector for the benefit of Tanzanians.

The theme of this cross-cutting National Stakeholder Forum on Water Resources Management is “Value for Water – Contribution of Water Resources to the Economy of the Country”, emphasizing the importance of water resources in contributing to the country’s economy.

The meeting was preceded by sessions of the Forum Steering Committee and Working Groups with the objective of reviewing the terms of reference of the working groups, facilitating the effective implementation of the forum’s decisions and evaluation process. results, as well as developing sustainable platform strategies

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